The baby, at 13.5 pounds, was about the size of a toddler

If your baby reaches the size of a toddler at 13.5 pounds, you may have some issues. Mothers especially have reason to rejoice with the birth of a child.

It was wonderful news for Christine and Larry Corbitt, who were expecting their first child. They couldn’t have been happier to make their family of four complete.

Tell me how many children you’ve had. Neither of them knew what was going on. Multiple births are rather frequent.

Media outlets started referring to American mother Natalie Suleman as «octomom» after she gave birth to eight children at once.

They worried about having too many kids at once. While we were doing the ultrasounds, Christine had one kid.

Christine knew that her belly was much bigger than that of most pregnant ladies. She had smaller babies in her prior pregnancies. As her pregnancy continued, she put on more and more weight.

Since labor was difficult, Carleigh Brooke Corbitt was delivered through cesarean section. A 13.5-pound baby is the result of her labor and delivery.

They were worried, but the delivery went off without a hitch anyhow. She stated the doctor and nurses were shocked by her child’s proportions.

«When I saw her wrapped up in the curtain for the first time, I couldn’t believe how huge she was. Christine remarked to Inside Edition, «I felt like I was staring at a child, and I was thinking, oh my God, she’s going to the nursery.»

Both dietary changes and pharmaceuticals have the potential to alleviate the problem. Having a baby that is too large at birth might be dangerous.

Immediately after her bath, Carleigh was weighed by the nurses. This newborn baby was huge.Carleigh’s husband and father, Larry Corbitt, had to improvise larger clothing for her since she outgrew what she was wearing.

Chrissy and Larry can’t wait to spend some quality time with their new, gigantic, lovely baby now that they’re back at home.

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