The actual nobility of the melanistic fox species can be found only in the wild, where the most elusive individuals may be found

Nature, the world’s greatest artist, is full of stunning color combinations.

These beautiful foxes, as a result, are yet another living piece of nature. They have a rare disease that causes them to have a bright red coat with black stripes, giving them an eye-catching appearance.

Cross flies have a characteristic known as melanism that distinguishes them from other species.

Animals’ incredible color is enhanced when melanin containing black pigment is released.

Despite the fact that experts believe there were once millions of these foxes in North America, they are now very rare.

Due to the extensive and excessive usage of these gorgeous creatures’ pricey fur, the population of these majestic animals had plummeted by the turn of the century.

Cross foxes are almost identical to red foxes, other from the fact that they have a darker coat and a fluffier tail.

And, as the expert says, it was only lately that Canadian photographer Samuel Saian was able to capture stunning images of these foxes.

When they met, the fox bolted, but they were able to get some beautiful images.

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