Ten upright sperm whales were captured on camera by a seasoned photographer. About 40 feet in length characterizes each whale

When do sperm whales rest? Naturally, but in what specific ways? Investigators invested much time and energy but were unable to resolve this apparently straightforward problem.

Images of sleeping sea monsters obtained by photojournalist Franco Banfi are breathtaking.Look at it; you’ll be impressed. In 2008, scientists finally managed to film a sperm whale napping.

A group of Japanese and British researchers in 2008 were performing observations when they happened across a pod of sperm whales at rest in the water.

New evidence from ongoing research suggests that sperm whales may devote as much as 7% of their lives to dreaming.

Nap times for giants often range from 6 to 24 minutes.

Scuba diver and model Sabrina Belloni posed for a photo with several sleeping sperm whales by underwater photographer David Alan Harvey.

When put next to people, these strange sea critters seem downright frightening.

While sperm whales may have a reputation for being clumsy, seeing one swim in its natural habitat reveals an animal that exudes grace and balance.

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