Take a look at the outcomes of this man’s adoption and upbringing of a zoo bear cub as his own kid

The zookeeper had the little bear cub moved in with him so it could have better care. John Williams looked after him and cared for him as he was his own son.

Due to his intense feelings for the pet, the guy completely lost track of time.Despite the bear’s heft, it is still considered a member of the John family.

The baby bear was quite young and had no problem sharing a home with humans. When he was older, the guy built a special shelter for him on his land.

John’s job involves interacting with various animals. A year later, he realized that he could help other cubs through a difficult situation.

He bought an additional plot of land, hired workers, and set aside some money for emergencies.

Because of their long-standing relationship, the bear felt comfortable with the guy and he had the necessary expertise.

The Johns’ bear is still hanging around the property. The owner of a peculiar pet recently shared a video of it online.

John estimates that he and the bear will remain close for the next four decades.

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