Take a look at how a set of Siamese twins who have been apart for 33 years have aged

Siamese twins, though uncommon, are one of nature’s most fascinating phenomena.

In 1987, the Lithuanian town of Alytus lacked the necessary diagnostic tools, such as a means of detecting disease. Daiva and Brunos, a young married couple, were elated to learn that they were having twins.

The delivery of twins weighing 3600 kg each was a difficult ordeal. The two young ladies’ names were Vilia and Vitaly. Their younger brother Povilas came into the world a year later.

The parents made the tough choice to split up their children in 1989.

Alexander Konovalov, a Russian neurosurgeon, was the first person in recorded history to try to separate a set of Siamese twins.The entire world watched the experiment with bated breath, knowing it could have a tragic ending.

Close to 24 hours were spent doing the surgery. It was remembered that after performing surgery on young girls, the doctors brought them fruit, which the girls ate as a symbol of their victory over death.

Some physical differences between the twins remained after the operation, of course. The deformation of the heads prevents loose hairstyles at the present time.

All in all, these are minor complaints in light of the fact that they were given a complete existence.Dr. Konovalov was introduced to Vilia and Vitaly when they were 28 years old on one of their favorite television shows.

It was revealed that the pair is from Vilnius and that they both hold degrees in history and are employed in a field associated with literature. They are still good friends with one other.

None of them tied the knot because neither could find a partner who resembled their father, who had once given his all to ensure that his daughters could enjoy a full life.

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