One of the wealthiest businessmen in India reportedly bought 1260 automobiles and 400 residences for his staff
The employees of the Indian diamond company will never forget that day. That day, the head of Hare Krishna Exports gave more than ever before. Staff members of
The dwarf family has found fame and fortune despite their little stature by becoming Instagram sensations
The Australian family known as the Worgans have gone viral after they joined the photo-sharing platform Instagram. Together, Charlie, 27, and her husband Cullen, 29, have a daughter,
After 16 years, his adoptive daughter made him cry
Each year, the Page family goes all out to celebrate Jay’s birthday. Tradition demanded that Jay open gifts with his loved ones, so that’s what he did. He
Resilient as a queen bee A 45-year-old lady stuns the public by walking about naked, covered only by 12,000 bees
In other words, be ready to have your mind blown. Sarah Mapelli Tink, 45 years old, «blew up» the Internet with her photographs. Some users have dubbed her
The Clements sisters are often regarded as «today’s most attractive twins»
In only one year, both of the Clements sisters were able to establish themselves as successful professionals. When they were just 7, the girls started modeling. Some models
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