The tiger python: the facts
The longest recorded specimen of this species was 4.6 meters long, and the heaviest recorded weight was 52 kilograms. You may choose from a variety of different shading
The polar bear was really friendly and even checked out the camera as it welcomed the visitors
Phillippe Ricordel, a French photographer, managed to snap a playful polar bear in Alaska. She initially «approved» the snowbound tourists, and then approached the camera to see what
Both South Africa and Angola provide host to a thriving population of this species. In the Nile River Basin and Gulf of Guinea, there are no tropical woods
The starling’s colour is so vibrant and striking that it can only be fully appreciated in person. Although common in the region, it is stunning to the eyes
Somehow, the brain of some of those three-eyed records has survived from the time period when they lived, some 3.5 billion years ago
What was it, exactly, with a bowl for just a head and claw-like fangs emerging from its mouth? What you saw was like something from a beautiful book.
For Your Consideration: A bird bejeweled with blue and green diamonds looks fantastic when polished in turquoise
To the naked eye, he seems to be a primarily black bird, but closer inspection reveals vivid green and colored splodges all over him. These mountains of the
There was talk of the Highland Goat. They had sneakily made their way to the top of a snowy mountain to get away from their pursuers
The Bovidae family, of which mountain goats are a subset, includes both goats and antelopes (Oreamnos amerinus). Sheep and goats have a common ancestor with these animals, despite
This poignant event occurred when two elephants who had been separated for 23 years were reunited after working together in a circus
The fact that animals have feelings at all blows our minds every time. It’s wonderful that they’ve kept in touch all these years and remember one other. As
A pride of lions came at the restaurant just as a group of hungry visitors were ready to sit down
Because of its abundance of unique wildlife, notably the regal lion, South Africa has gained international renown. Rarely does a huge lion show up for a buffet party
Unique and regal birds you’ve never seen before
Birds aren’t usually included in «best of» lists, but they’re stunning to look at and may surprise you with their size and diversity. Some birds are so interesting
The animal species that has managed to survive for such a long time with such little change to its DNA
Such a beautiful creature must be one of the many that are in risk of extinction. Continual deforestation compels them to seek new homes. Intriguingly, the canine’s webbed
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