During the first bath, these charming ‘hugs’ gain over 24 million loves

Despite their small stature, these monkeys have a preference for tropical cliffs and caves.

One of the rarest animals on earth, langurs can be found only in the warmest of climates When a baby is born, it’s no surprise that it’s a joyful event.

The Zoo was ecstatic to learn of the birth of one of its langurs and was quick to spread the good news.Miu-Mui and Chestnut were overjoyed to become parents to Baby Lucky. She was a little, lovely bundle of joy.

The zoo, on the other hand, has learned that Miu-Mui does not like the responsibility of raising its young.This is typical, but it might have an effect on Lucky’s health, according to the experts.

As soon as they called for help, vets arrived and took Lucky to the hospital for a wash.As a result, they were able to provide her the nourishment she required as a newborn.

By gradually introducing Lucky to Miu-Mui, the veterinary team hoped to help the two build a close relationship.

They also took their time introducing her to Chestnut.Many groups have set up support facilities for animals like these.

They’re hoping to keep the langurs safe while also increasing their numbers.Every effort we can make to aid endangered species is a good one.

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