The piglet Wilma and the front-pawless puppy Winnie bonded quickly after being housed together
A dog with no front paws was adopted from a shelter in Canada. Wilma the piglet was his safest playmate since other dogs may hurt him. The change
The dog had given up hope that anybody would ever like her and kept her head down until she met her new family
Still grieving the death of their beloved dog Bailey, Tricia Carter and her family have been unable to go on with their lives. Everyone agreed that there was
The cute cat Sushi is very protective of his young sister and he was the first to notice that anything was wrong with her
Sushi, a little kitty, enjoys the infant that shares his home. He stays with her constantly, even sleeping in the same room, and was the first to suspect
Loveable raccoon Little Hands has been paying regular visits to his rescuer for years
A tired voice will urge you to «leave it where you found it» if you call the US Animal Rescue Service in early June to report an abandoned
The Scottish SPCA found the missing baby badger Lavender and brought her back to safety
Incredibly moving pictures of a baby badger were released to the public by the SPCA. On the day the fortunate volunteers found him, the infant barely filled up
He picked up a stray cat and decided to take her with him on his travels across the globe
Scotland’s Dean Nicholson, age 31, set off on a world tour this past September. He rode his bike all the way from Dunbar to pull it off. Dean
A pregnant mother delivered her baby on the same day as her pregnant cat
The rescue and adoption of strays has become Lauren Maners’ life’s work. Since her anxiety levels were too high throughout her pregnancy, she had to stop her voluntary
While waiting for his new owners, the shelter dog wore a suit that was more suited to a puppy
Each dog secretly wishes for a forever family to call their own. When the happy moment finally arrived, the anxious dog was dressed to the nines in a
Thirteen million people have seen the video of the man teaching his aveugle and sourd dog how to get up and not be afraid
Maybe this story about a sour, somewhat aveugle toutou would cheer you up. Plum is an Australian berger and she’s 10 months old. Because of her birth problems,
The dog and ferret hit it off immediately, and they now spend all their free time frolicking and playing together
Diana, a devoted animal lover, was finally able to adopt a puppy and a ferret. A dog was the first of several pets they eventually acquired. Throughout her
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