Species may be euthanized in a Ukrainian zoo because to the worry that they may escape

Organizer of Feldman Ecopark in Ukraine Alexander Feldman has said that certain animals may be euthanized.

The lions and tigers should be put down if the employees who are focused on them fail in their attempts to relocate them.

The city’s relentless pursuits have damaged the creature’s fortified defenses. Even if just a few structures remain, there is a good likelihood that animals such as bears may leave the park and make their way into the city.

The zoo, as reported by the Daily Mail, has worked tirelessly to find out how to relocate certain animals, including kangaroos, to more secure locations.

To keep them safe from an untimely demise, they continue their efforts to expel additional monsters.

The zoo claims its scientists are considering putting a few animals in Chutovo, a town in the Poltava region of Ukraine, for a short period of time.

Fortunately, the support of several organizations and people has not taken long.

Fortunately, the Ecopark is receiving the help it needs to deal with the current situation and relocate additional animals to secure areas.

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