Small as he is, this kangaroo is looking forward to some some one-on-one time with his stuffed bunny

This young kangaroo is aware of the value of a dependable companion just like any other animal.

Green Party advisor in Tasmania Tim Beshara posted a photo of a young kangaroo holding a stuffed animal on Tuesday. Peter Whish-Wilson, a lawmaker in Tasmania, has given Beshara permission to tweet on his behalf.

Gillian Abbott, mother of Beshara, with her pet eastern grey kangaroo, Doodlebug, in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia.

Beshara speculated to the Daily Mail that the boy’s mother had passed away or that he had stolen her purse.

Despite the fact that he was born prematurely, my mother signed him up for WIRES right away.

She nursed it back to health, and as you can see in the photograph, it is now happily playing in the woods, coming back to her only sometimes for a food or a snuggle. Her sense of self-worth is high.

In this picture, the kangaroo has used the cable to hoist the teddy bear so he can have a better view of it.

They seem to have a lot of the same responses to toys as infants and toddlers have. It’s an animal that could tag along on their travels with them.

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