Six months into caring for a puppy, the student took the animal to the doctor only to learn that it was really a wolf

A college freshman, at the tender age of 18, took a stray dog under her wing when she welcomed it into her house.

The dog displayed odd behavior right away and began sniffing about the yard.And yet, nobody paid attention to this detail.

Six months after rearing a wild wolf as a pet, the student found himself needing to make an appointment with a veterinarian.

Gregory renamed his pet Neon and built him a special house in the backyard. The neighbor’s sheepdogs often uncovered Neon.

And Neon never spoke to anybody save Gregory.

Animal shelter workers had previously seen Neon during this escapade.

The veterinarian was contacted by Gregory dialing the number on the pet’s collar, but he was cautioned against making an emergency trip.

Neon was donated to a special organization that helps wolves adjust to the natural world.

Long after his first bout of sadness for his owner’s absence had passed, he gave in to his natural inclination and headed towards the bush.

The events that followed are mysterious. Absolutely delightful, wouldn’t you agree? I need your advice on what to do in this unprecedented circumstance.

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