Since she’s so big, Cocoa Puff spreads like a raging wildfire

No one could help but be pleased to witness a pet bunny soar above all else. He has a pet that lives with him and his family in Seattle, WA.

Cocoa Puff, a bunny with more than 310,000 Instagram followers, has recently become a viral hit on the internet.

In order to avoid a potential conflict with our landlord, the author decided to keep a rabbit instead of a dog or cat. Animals have a special place in the heart of our daughter, Maisie.

A magnificent rabbit became a must for our rabbit herd, so we set out to get one. Lindsey, the owner of a large rabbit, adds, «We’ve noticed that giant bunnies get along great with children.»

Getting used to her new surroundings and the people in it took Cocoa Puff some time, according to her mother.

In a short period of time, he was able to converse with all of the family members. The rabbit’s owner claims to have trained the bunny to be more docile in as little as six or seven months.

The general public often undervalues the sophistication of these cuddly animals.He does get frequent walks, however they aren’t like those of a dog.

It’s a full-time job keeping the rabbit fed all day long. He also enjoys dried bananas and mangoes as a snack.

During her whole time with us, Cocoa Puff showed no signs of being interested in the wires. Laptop chargers, electrical wires, and other electronic gadgets have all been the cause of the deaths of dogs, according to Lindsey.

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