Shockingly, a 66-year-old endangered turtLe has given birth

This turtle, estimated to be almost a century old, lives at a zoo in Switzerland. So over course of eight months, she laid nine eggs.

Although this might come as a shock to some, this is really rather common with this particular type of turtle.

The Goliath turtle has one of the longest lifespans of any living organism, with some individuals living for over a century.

Even the oldest turtle managed to get by for a while. Wow, that’s fantastic. Turtles can go for extended periods of time without eating or drinking because of their high water content.

Lazing about in the sun, sleeping for up to 16 hours, and snacking on insects, needles, and other plant stuff make up the bulk of a turtle’s day.

Is from the other hand, this beautiful kind of mammal is in danger of extinction.They may be used for food and her shells can be used into things like jewelry and furniture.

The zoo is helping to save turtles by care again for mother turtle and her nine children.

To have a life that is peaceful, open, and unruffled is a great accomplishment. To rescue our friends, we’ll need to work together. The wonders of nature never fail to amaze us.

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