She remarked that, despite being retired for 20 years, she had kept her house spotless

The last time Frances Gabe cleaned a home was 20 years ago

Because of how often she checked in with the guests, no one could figure out why the rooms were always spotless. She finally shared her genius plan after she retired. Her cleaning skills are Nobel Prize-worthy.

Frances has a degree in mechanical engineering and physics from Polytechnic University. She began making a good living wage at the age of 23, and she and her children helped support her husband while he looked for work.

The woman was unconcerned; all she asked was that her family clean up after themselves. Frances was not a fan of doing chores around the home.

The husband’s reluctance to help was a major factor in the breakup. After her children had departed, Frances didn’t feel like cleaning. The woman has been applying physics to solve the cleaning issue since 1979.

Without ever picking up a broom or dustpan again, Frances managed to keep a spotless house. Her friends and family were eager to discover her secret, but she would not tell.

After she retired, she told everyone in the neighborhood about the house’s secret.

The push of a button activated sprinklers to spray all rooms, and cleaning solutions to flow via pipes on the walls.

If you click the button again, the disinfectant will evaporate. A hot air dryer would kick in after the water ran down the sloping floor and into the fireplace drain.

Frances rearranged the furniture and painted the walls.

The main home cleaning building was damaged in the 2001 earthquake. It’s not Frances.

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