She can’t fathom why the mother dog and her puppies were discarded

Mocca was left at an animal shelter. No one at the shelter knew anything about the second animal’s life before she was surrendered.

The dog’s health unfortunately revealed that her owners no longer cared for her.

Mocca may have thought she could get out of this trap at first, but soon realized that wasn’t the case.

Mocca just gave birth to a litter of 10 beautiful cubs, and the whole family has been relocated to a refuge. Despite her little stature, Mocca always made sure her kids had enough to eat.

When people who care about animals found out about the dog’s predicament, they did all in their ability to assist.

After advertising her need on Facebook, they were able to find her a foster family. She experienced an immediate and dramatic change in both body and mind when she moved in with her new foster family.

She had peace of mind knowing her kids were secure. The dog has put on a lot of weight, but her puppies seem to be perfectly healthy and beautiful.

More thanks to animal rights advocates for helping to save this puppy, but there are still many in need.

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