Shared on social media, these images of a raccoon shot by firefighters have gone viral

There has never before been a request for assistance from an animal for the Dublin Fire Department.

Raccoons were familiar to them, but the fact that one was in trouble still surprised them.

You never know what’s in store for you, Dalton, Georgia fireman said on Facebook.

«Raccoon in a tree, perhaps? That does not seem to be a problem. The answer is unequivocally no. There’s nothing to say, it seems.» «Wow! This was something I had never seen before!»

Firefighters didn’t expect the photo to be so popular for an entirely unexpected use. Immediately after it was rescued, the animal’s picture was taken.

The raccoon’s antics made everyone laugh. Photos below show a raccoon who seems humiliated.

This picture was so popular on social media that it appeared to have a good effect on many people’s lives.

The raccoon’s touching look as he stared directly into the camera had everyone spellbound.

When he’s accused of breaking into someone’s home and stealing food, only that individual may speak out against him.

It is possible that the animal will change its ways.

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