Ronnie is just seven years old, however he has already saved almost 1,000 dogs

This youngster is a great hero who, despite his early age, has already proved that he has a tremendous heart.

He had always been fond of animals, and at the age of four, he concluded that dogs were his favorite and that he would do anything he could to assist them.

Ronnie could never stay indifferent to street animals, and he desired to assist them all. And as he got older, he knew that he didn’t want to regret anything, hence it was important to take action.

He also demanded that they bring him money on the day of his birth.

He did not spend the money on presents or toys, but instead gave it to a shelter in his hometown.

Then, with his parents’ aid, he started an organization that finds owners for stray dogs and shelter visitors. Ronnie’s mother, who supports her son’s endeavor, was a big assistance.

And we hope that this beautiful boy’s deed will motivate everyone to do good. Hopefully this little child will urge many others to do so many wonderful things for animals as he did.

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