Rescue of a lost dog after 32 days in the woods is the subject of this true tale

Pavel Kaluzyak and his dog Gusion went for a walk in the forest near their house in Poland at the beginning of February.

Gucio was able to run without a chain since the roadway was natural. Gucio, for the most part, never left the proprietor’s side.

However, when Paul called the dog, Gusio didn’t return to the owner this time.

Pavel became very agitated as a result of his nonstop hunt for Gucio. However, the investigation has so far failed to reveal any results.

Pavel never gave up hope of finding Gucio, and he kept looking for a dog for a long time.

A guy called Diego was walking through the same area after Gucio’s demise.

Suddenly, for some reason, the dog began to take the owner away and led him into a deep revelation.

The pit contained Gucio! The most important thing was that he was still here and that he could no longer bark. When Paul first heard the good news, he was unable to believe it.

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