Reading about a juvenile wild boar’s adventures on the subway will make you grin

A tiny wild hog decided to take a trip to China on the tram this past Friday.Although the small wild hog’s motivations for being on the tram are unknown, he caused a little disturbance while he was there.

Understandably, the passengers were taken aback to see a wild hog riding shotgun, yet they were surprisingly subdued.

The wild hog was not quickly captured, so it made its way along the North Point terminal before hopping another train and settling into the next available seat.

After learning about the unusual passenger, the railway’s conductor rerouted the train to the Tseung Kwan station.

According to World of buzz, at that time, experts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Wildlife Conservation were keeping an eye on the situation.

When they apprehended the criminal, they transported him to one of the outlets outside of town. A spokesman from the AFCD stated the wild pig was healthy and relieved to be back in its natural habitat.

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