Pictures of a raccoon that seems ’embarrassed’ after firemen rescue it from stealing food are going popular online

At some point over a few days ago there was an animal that needed to be saved by Dalton, Georgia’s fire department.

They were astonished to learn that the animal in need was a raccoon, even if it was not their first time doing so.

Firefighters in Dalton, Georgia, stated on Facebook that «you can’t fathom what the day has for you.» «Cats in trees require attention, but a raccoon? I’m baffled.» «Wow! I had no idea!»

The firemen didn’t expect the shot to become popular for a completely unexpected purpose. Photos were taken soon after the animal was saved.

Everyone had a good chuckle at the raccoon’s antics. In one of the photographs below, the raccoon is clearly humiliated by his actions.

People couldn’t stop sharing this picture on social media networks, and it changed their day!

They couldn’t get enough of the raccoon’s heartfelt expression on his face as he stares at the camera. Nobody can criticize him since, presumably, he broke into a home and stole food.

Hopefully the animal has learnt his lesson and will be less brave in his hunt for food!

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