People put their lives at danger to rescue a giraffe

While there are many species on the edge of extinction, mankind have learned how to cohabit with them in certain areas of the world. A special relationship built on mutual respect, confidence, and care.

It’s also common knowledge that when a vulnerable species is in a bad circumstance, humans will aid it.

A newborn giraffe was protected in the same way. A baby giraffe got herself stranded in the middle of the stream for no apparent reason.

Crocodiles infested the raging stream, further complicating matters for the already-vulnerable animal. As a consequence, it looked that his future was already decided.

Whatever the matter may have been, help arrived from unexpected quarters. Locals raced to help a giraffe guide after hearing his voice.

The courage of these bold and good individuals allowed the creature to be rescued after just two or three hours of suffering.

Thanks to one of these kind individuals, others were able to show their appreciation for their efforts by sharing images of the salvage.

Giraffes have been listed as endangered or even extinct by the IUCN. A Kenyan subspecies, once numbering in the tens of thousands, is now down to just 35,000 individuals.

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