Papa Lion was left to raise his child alone when his mother died, breaching every law of the jungle in the process

When Kreme’s mother gave birth to a lion cub at the youthful age of 15, the lions considered her a «old lady.» Seven months later, on Christmas Eve, the lioness succumbed to her wounds.

The zookeepers feared for the baby lion’s safety. The females of lionesses have all of the duty for raising their cubs.

The authorities quickly removed Willow, Kreme’s father, from the picture.

When he started acting like a mother and licking, cleaning, and reacting to their attention, the carers were surprised. Kreme liked to sleep next to his father than than his mother.

Kenyon recalls, «We were pleased to see Willow take up the responsibility of rearing his child.»

Even though they had successfully raised lion cubs in the past, they were happy to see that the lion exhibited maternal emotions.

The zoo claims that «you need a lion to produce a lion.» When Kreme and Willow first met, they were smitten with one other.

Controlled and assertive when required, Papa Willow’s temperament suited the situation.  Aren’t you amazed by it? Do you have any energy left?

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