Over 1,300 animals are cared for each day by Ukrainian shelter employees, who put their lives in danger to do so

Russian aggression on Ukraine has caused widespread damage.

This has made things more difficult for animals whose owners have abandoned them or given them up to a shelter.

Tamara Tarnawska, a former writer and current cover author, and her team are putting their lives on the line to do in-depth research on their monsters.

Over 1,000 canine and 300 feline residents are cared for at Kiev’s SOS Animal Shelter.

Tamara has dedicated a large chunk of her life to helping disadvantaged animals, and she has no plans to stop now.

Accordingly, she and three other shelter workers made the decision to stay and aid in protecting the local dogs and cats.

They also said that because some people are leaving the sanctuary on their way out of the country, a lot of new animals have started coming there.

Even though some people believe they are crazy for being left behind, many others keep these stories alive because they believe them to be true.

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