Once in a shelter, the public fell in love with a puppy that looked like a bear cub

There is no better site for animals with distinctive characteristics than the internet. Typically, they are cats or dogs that are just too stunning to ignore.

However, the fact that not everyone is able to appreciate the particular beauty of animals must be tolerated. As a result, a Pomeranian puppy breeder was able to produce further litters.

There was, however, one youngster that stuck out among the rest. Although there were other Pomeranians of the same size, this one had a much thicker coat.

When the breeder realized he couldn’t sell this unusual cub, he turned him over to the shelter.

A young bear cub showed up at a sanctuary not long after it arrived. He was adopted by a loving family very fast. Thank goodness he fell for the gallery owner’s charms in New York.

Since his debut in our gallery, he’s drawn a large number of visitors. The teen’s Instagram feed is often updated with photos of her and her kitty.

In only a few short years, he’s gone from unknown to Instagram superstar status.

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