On the other hand, a military dog refuses to sleep even if its owner does

Dogs have a crucial role in safeguarding others, according to the US Army. When it comes to identifying items, they have a distinct advantage over us.

Friendships forged in the military may endure a lifetime, as seen by the stories above.

This picture of a soldier napping at an airport as a loyal dog watches over him quickly became a viral sensation..

Social media was ablaze with it, and it quickly spread around the globe.

Camera phone in hand, a German Shepherd guarded its sleeping companion at Indianapolis International Airport during a layover.

Airport authorities said they were accompanied by 10 military personnel and two dogs.

They seem to be fatigued and in need of rest, however it’s not clear why they’re here.

In the night, this soldier would have a kind guardian to keep an eye on him and a nice blanket to cuddle up with.

We can always count on dogs to be our greatest friends and protectors, no matter how bad things become.

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