On Switzerland’s first cold day, a startled visitor was escorted down the mountain by this cat

A cat once came up to a lost hiker in the mountains and showed him the way. In reality, I was disoriented by the surrounding mountains.

When I went there, it was getting near to the end of the ski season, so a few lines had been closed.

He took a detour up the mountain before he reached the mechanical lifts.

Along the train tracks, he came to what he thought was a «completely abandoned village,» in which he was the only person.

So I turned around and returned to the valley when my guide informed me that the main way down was closed.

This is also how I first met my adorable kitty companion.

The cat became aware of him when he took a break to eat and rest. In the beginning, she was only directing him in the correct way.

I’m guessing she lives in the town where I was when I met her.

Her gaze was fixed on me as she walked, and she pointed precisely towards the route that would take me back to the valley.

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