Now that she’s been rescued, the cow is starting to mistake her human family for one of the other twelve animals

The Moola calves were saved by a group. Moola is the best buddy of the ranch’s 12 canine residents, therefore the humans have started treating her like a cow.

Moola, acquired at an animal auction, has joined the ranch’s herd.

She was quite little, even for a calf. Not only is it uncommon to find cows of this breed for sale, but it’s also quite rare to find them at such a steep discount.

The seasoned companion purchased a young cow and donated her to an animal refuge. Because she needs milk, Moola doesn’t go out to pasture with the other cows; she remains inside.

The fact that she likes being around children helps her to quickly get comfortable with Moola. Moola must have felt more at ease around the canine pack after having lived with them for a little over a month and a half.

But that was all it was; she just met another abandoned calf and received some fresh air.It is Wolf’s view that Moola will eventually accept the reality that she is a cow.

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