Now, let’s all wait and watch whether this cute animal makes a full recovery. Who is it that has been assisting her?

How familiar are you with the lioness Sheila? Her health started deteriorating.

Regardless, heros thought she wouldn’t have a chance, so they challenged her nonetheless. The only thing they needed was proof that she was making progress.

The actors portraying Sheila said that she had coordination problems. The thought of trying to stand on her own was too daunting.

The heroes come to terms with the fact that their weak muscles were the primary issue.

They decided to start Sheila on antibiotics right away. She started the therapy a little late since they had to wait before they could receive the medication for it.

None the less, we were stuck. That was her primary hope.

She was free to eat and go on walks whenever she pleased. Her caretakers were relieved to find that she was progressing well.

They attributed her improvement in health to the drug, but they had no idea that it was really due to anything else.

Thanks to her relationship with Kahn, she started making progress. They formed a close connection almost immediately.

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