Northern Irish ladies went a bit far and crocheted a whole town

May Etchenson, a resident of County Antrim in stunning Northern Ireland, once had the brilliant notion of knitting a replica of her home. I don’t see why not.

This lady has a passion for knitting, so she decided to tackle this unusual endeavor. This was, however, only the start.

May proudly displayed the finished home to her knitting group (she’s a part of one).After that, the ladies of Clochmills resolved to tie the whole community together.

They had regular Wednesday meetings and came up with their peculiar scheme over time.

The final product was a detailed map of the city, complete with landmarks like the local post office, bars, and stores, as well as the historic shirt factory and flax mill that the community built up around.

Along with garden plots where cauliflower has been grown and a playground.

Edgar Etchenson, Mrs. Etchenson’s husband, aided the devotees in raising money for supplies. In this case, knitted cloth was used to create the village replica.

Over 1500 individuals have seen this remarkable piece of knitting art (with a village population of only 1 thousand).

This work of art was made by ecstatic creators who want to raise £3,000 for charity.

These amazing women have our best wishes for continuing to make a difference in our world.

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