‘None of you appeal to me.’ An introverted dog prefers to sit on a bar stool like a person and watch people from above rather than engage in conversation with them

One of the strangest dogs in the state of Carolina is more like a cat in its independence.

Rather than engage in play with his kind, the dog prefers to sit on a chair and observe them from a distance.

Owners who take their pets on a walk often find themselves snapping images of their pets having fun, and Paco’s is no exception. He had a look of scorn and indifference on his face.

The dog’s owner, on the other hand, has her own thoughts about why his behavior has changed.

It is his belief that Paco behaves this way to demonstrate to other dogs that he is more at ease sitting on a chair and loves gazing down on them.

When asked about his childhood habits, she said, «He loved to climb on a stool, drive like a human, and generally mimic human conventions.»

He now loves to sit in a chair, although bar counters are his favorite place to be.

He sits in the front seat with his hand out the window like a person when he drives a vehicle. The dog is also quite friendly.

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