None of the invited guests showed up for the puppy’s birthday celebration, which the shelter arranged for him

It has been more than seven months since a stray dog from the United States named Luke was taken into a shelter.

This lovely dog is simply unlucky with prospective owners, according to shelter employees who say pets usually find new homes within a month.

The volunteers thought it would be a good idea to throw him a Valentine’s Day party to help him locate a new place to live.

It was their goal that by decking up Luke for the season, potential adopters would be inspired to take home this adorable pooch.

As a result, no one came to the party to celebrate.

According to Michelle, a shelter employee, Luke is a huge baby who likes to snuggle and play with his favorite stuffed animal.

We hope that one day he will get the love and care that he so desperately needs.

And the dog is an actual Tiger Boxer, not simply some kind of hybrid. As a result of their strong sense of smell, they are very devoted and intelligent.

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