Naomi Campbell, a model and new mom at age 51, made waves when she showed the world a picture of her newborn baby

This mannequin says she is the baby’s biological mother and that she never gave the kid up for adoption. When she first graced the cover of Vogue, she was nursing her newborn baby.

The model’s perspective on motherhood will be intriguing to hear.

The announcement of Campbell’s pregnancy and subsequent birth shocked many of her celebrity friends and even some of her most ardent fans.It came as no surprise that they were very ecstatic to share the news with Naomi.

You might underappreciate the divine gift that is she.

According to the model, parenting is her biggest accomplishment, and she’s thinking about starting a family.

Having her child in her life has made Campbell feel «like a young girl again,» she says.

I read her classics from my childhood and then show her the most recent and best technological advancements. Those dolls and toys, too!

It’s an idea I never would have come up with on my own.

According to Campbell, she left her family behind to pursue a career in modeling.

According to the renowned individual, breaking up with a partner was the most difficult thing she’s ever had to do.

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