Medical professionals successfully disentangled a set of conjoined twins three years ago, when both babies were only one year old. How are the newborns doing now, though?

The Delaney sisters, Erin and Abby, were born in July of 2016, and although their parents should have been happy, they instead felt anxiety.

When they were delivered 10 weeks early, the tiny infants each weighed 900 grams. The fact that their brains were removed from their bodies without even a chance to live is the worst part.

But rather of giving up, the parents gathered behind their children and resolved to do whatever it took to save them.

At 11 months old, Erin and Abby were subjected to the most complex therapy available, with the attendant danger of killing one of the sisters.

Children were separated throughout the 11-hour operation, but everyone emerged safe and sound. The girls are nearly four years old now. Their happiness is a direct effect of this.

The doctors are optimistic about more surgeries like this one because of how well it went and how often they check in on the kids’ progress. The separation of conjoined twins at such a young age was a first in medical history.

Since Erin’s skull was less severely damaged than Abby’s, the latter was in risk of bleeding and infection for a longer period of time.

The kids were placed in an induced sleep after the surgery to let their bodies heal. The girls are now undergoing therapy to restore brain functions that did not mature as a consequence of their union.

The sisters will, of course, require more surgeries to repair their skulls and replace any lost bones.

Erin and Abby are pleased to be raising their children together and believe that their kids, despite having through so much, are deserving of the wonderful and happy life they deserve.

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