Massive mountain gorilla Bubble develops a friendship with a little creature. What an adorable pair!

This is Bubble, a huge gorilla that made a new companion in a little creature. To no one’s surprise, they quickly bonded and rose to the status of Network heroes.

After a single source published it with photographs and videos, the tale of a beautiful relationship soon spread over the internet. Adorable as well, I must admit.

As you can see, Bubble is having a great time with his new companion. Even after 20 years of working with monkeys, employees at the company are still amazed by their behavior.

An example of this kind of connection was Bubble’s encounter with a little animal.

A newborn gaIago found its way into Bubble’s path as she was out for her morning stroll.

It helps a great deal if the bubble is rather large. Besides him, there are three men and three women.

Many young men attempted to overthrow Bubble for years, but they were unsuccessful because Bubble was a strong and powerful leader.

On the other hand, this friendship shows that even dominant males are capable of expressing emotions such as love, sympathy, and affection.

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