Married couple spent $24,000 transforming an old automobile into a two-story residence fitted out with all of their long-held desires

In exchange for $3,000, the couple purchased a secondhand bus and converted it into a chic home complete with a kitchen, bathroom, dressing area, and even an office.

Due to the unusual dimensions of this dwelling, certain pieces of furniture were custom made to fit the area.

Even though electric radiators have been installed by Lucas and Carl, there is also a wood oven for use in this room.

All the fixing up took a whole year. Those close to the family helped out wherever they could, and were also included in any decision-making processes.

The couple used to live here, and they took two goats with them so that they would always have a nearby source of food.

Carl explains, «This is the right solution for us since we wanted to live together but didn’t want to be constrained by a debt or by paying high rent for an apartment.» Look at how neat and tidy it all was!

Having a residence with a view like that is really practical. It’s important to keep doing activities that bring you joy.

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