Let’s rally behind this sweet rescue pup who dresses up for his new family but is never really introduced to them

After residing at the society for nearly a year, Alex felt like he had found a family.

The Staffordshire terrier mix groomed himself and arrived at Center on Tuesday, ready to meet potential adopters.

The family had proactively completed an application and spoken with cover personnel prior to the meet-and-greet. However, at that point, they will never show up.

After a long day, Alex realized that things just weren’t going well.

In April of last year, Alex emerged from a packed rural cover into the aware society of the others.

Instantly, everyone fell in love with the 4-year-old dog.

This little boy is very sociable and enjoys playing outdoors and then lounging about, soaking up all of the attention he can receive.

Alex just wants to find someone to love him and offer him a better life, other than the obvious need of a household free of cats.

It was devastating to see his hopes dashed, but the staff at the sanctuary knows the perfect family is out there for him.

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