Learn about the incredible lady who has dedicated her life to saving elephants

Daphnee was an exceptional person. Without a doubt, she discovered her true love and is ecstatic to be doing what she enjoys. In many ways, her life has revolved around elephants.

Daphnee attended school and was born there.

Even as a young kid, she had a deep connection to the outdoors. In the early 1950s, Daphnee met Dave and immediately felt he was the one.

By this time, Dave had already opened the Park in Kenya. As the park grew, more animals joined the elephants already calling it home.

People all across the world, both locals and strangers, gave Dave and Daphnee assistance. Daphnee has a special affinity towards elephants.

There were many animal friends she made there. The elephants showed Daphnee extra kindness. This union lasted forever.

Back in the ’70s, Daphnee’s spouse tragically passed away. She continued her late husband’s job with devotion and affection till the very end of her life.Daphnee, who had been 83 years old, died away in 2018.

The Park has developed over the years into more than simply a refuge for animals; it has become a genuine home for the people who work there as well.

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