Just as he’s about to drop off his dog to the shelter, he receives a text message from the owner

The man felt unfinished now that he was living in his new house. That is, he made good on his promise to carry out that strategy.

He then went to whether a black Labrador called Reggie had found sanctuary. They had a tense relationship at beginning.

The man gave the dog fourteen days to acclimate to his new home, as recommended by the sanctuary, but the dog never seemed content.

Perhaps he was also looking for a place to call home. Perhaps there was just an excess of repetition.

But when he dug through Reggie’s things, he was struck of the note the dog’s prior owner had left left.

The letter describes the dog in great detail. Where did his likes and dislikes lie? while discussing the intriguing details that are hidden from view.

There is a wealth of data and methods for easing the dog’s anxiety and luring him inside.

There were just too many interesting details for him to ignore. They’re overjoyed to have found one other at last.

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