Japanese rabbits have a safe haven on a mysterious island

Small islands in the Pacific are called Okunoshimma in Japanese. The only reason anybody cares about this place is because of its native rabbits.

The island’s strong rabbit population has earned it another name: Rabbit Island.

In Okunoshimma, you just could run across almost 700 of the prettiest bunnies in the world interacting with the residents.

It’s interesting to learn about the rabbit’s evolution over such a lengthy time period.

It was originally inhabited by just three fishing families, but in 1940 a factory was built on the island.

At the same time, a drive to shut down these manufacturers got underway, and the Japanese government did all in its power to deny the plant ever existed.

The first theory, that rabbits were brought to the island to be utilised as laboratory animals, is one of two presently accepted explanations.

In the second scenario, a group of kids on a field trip bring eight rabbits to the area, where they thrive thanks to the warm climate.Which do you think you’d like better? Tell us in the feedback section.

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