It’s understandable to wonder why a cat would choose to sleep in such an unusual posture

Cat napping is so distinct that it merits recognition as a kind of artistic expression in and of itself.

Steps like those provided in a dream by gutta-percha purrs surprise the already powerful human imagination.

The Yogis are taking a break!

It’s not uncommon for a cat to choose a tight shoebox over the spacious home it’s owner has lovingly purchased for it with what amounts to a second mortgage.

Wow, that’s dull.

Learn why cats sleep in the most unusual settings. After all, we should know better than to anticipate anything unique while we’re in the presence of a cat.

The way a cat sleeps may tell you a lot about its emotional and physical wellbeing. Curling up into a ball to save heat and energy is a visible sign of a cat’s trust in its owner.

The cat climbs into the box to do more than just warm up; it’s also a place of refuge from the outside world, where it can escape the stress and commotion.

As an added bonus, the heat it generates may be used to warm a tiny box in an apartment, rather than freezing it near a bank of cold batteries.

In addition, the presence of a second box, like a cardboard castle, offers the animal a feeling of ownership that may otherwise be threatened by the presence of another person.

That being said, the box shouldn’t be thrown beneath any footwear. Have fun in the «apartment» with your cat.His joy might be your insignificant.

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