It’s unclear to mama dog why she and her pups ended themselves at a shelter in the first place

Melodia was surrendered to a Texas animal shelter last month. Nobody knew anything about the former life of yet another animal brought to the shelter.

Her condition, on the other hand, indicated that her owners no longer gave a damn about her.

However, it soon became apparent that Melodia would have a difficult time escaping the situation she found herself in. There were 10 adorable cubs born lately and Melodia was taken to a shelter with them.

Despite her smaller stature, Melodia made sure her children had plenty to eat. Humane society groups sprung into action as soon as they learned about the dog’s ordeal.

In the end, a foster family was located when they posted her story on Facebook.When she arrived at her new foster home, she underwent a physical and spiritual transformation.

She was certain that she and her children would be secure.

A lot of weight has been gained, and the infants are beautiful, healthy, and well-nourished. Don’t forget that there are many more animals in shelters in need of help, thanks to the efforts of animal rights campaigners.

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