It’s unclear how the goose escaped from the eagle’s clutches

Frankie, her mother Cait’s favourite goose, has been introduced. Furthermore, it’s obvious.

In a short second, Cait’s tranquil nursing session with her newborn baby was destroyed. Frankie began shouting for help in the front yard.

We were preparing for bedtime by putting on our pajamas and feeding the baby. «Frankie sounded the alarm, as I overheard him say.»

Frankie had been pursued by a hawk that had swooped down from the skies. Unfortunately, Cait failed to rescue her despite her best efforts to do so while also nursing her infant.

On the record, here is the second: Francie is doing fantastic!» Cait assured him that she was OK, despite the fact that she seemed to be shaken up. «I’m ecstatic about her.

Mom is always there to support her, so she knew where the safety measures were.»

Cait will do everything to protect Frankie, whom she refers to as a «vital family component.»

Even though her daughter is still too little to understand what she was a part of that day, her mother wants to nurture her with an understanding of the motivation behind the event.

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