It’s like something out of a movie, as young deer flock to the sound of a lady playing harp

Despite their majesty, deer are shy and docile creatures. Such individuals prefer to stay out of the limelight and are quick to detect any signs of danger.

We can’t say enough about their tranquil dispositions towards these creatures.

These creatures cannot be seen up close because of their enormous distance from us.

One deer in particular was unable to resist coming from the woods when they heard a beautiful piece of music.

The harp was first heard. Scientific studies have shown that animals are drawn to specific types of music, and a video by Nina SV seems to back this up.

One sunny day in Montreal, Canada, 25-year-old Nina took some time out of her schedule to film a harp performance for her YouTube channel.

In addition to the idyllic setting, the sound she was making made it appear like a still from a movie.

A deer emerged from the woods as if searching for the source of the music, contradicting our conviction that it couldn’t be much better than it already was. Isn’t it awesome?

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