It worked when a cat approached humans and asked for help

When Krasnodar was at its busiest, a neighborhood cat spied on a neighbouring house’s courtyard.

She was in a terrible state and in desperate need of help. A lady saw the animal and knew she couldn’t drive it away, so she decided to take it in and look after it.

After a month of daily feedings, she recognized she needed veterinary help and turned to shelter volunteers. As a humorous moniker, Trunya was given to her.

Afterwards, the veterinarian came up with a diagnosis that required extensive treatment.

It wasn’t long before Trunnya was ready to meet her new family of four-legged friends.

A shelter family adopted Trunya. Of course, we’re pleased that this gorgeous, fluffy cat, who has faced several hardships during her life, will now be able to have a full and happy existence.

Many creatures are in desperate need of our help. Even a single piece of bread can cheer them up and give them the energy they need to keep going.

We can’t abandon them just when they most need us.

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