It was the family’s hope to capture some heartwarming moments for their holiday card, but the dog had other ideas

Many people may think of a buddy who consistently, whether on intention or by mistake, does this. Members of this breed’s dog Pilot is the name of my close pal.

The pilot was taken in by the family and adopted by them in the year 2020.

If Pilot really was a part of the family, she would have been featured in the holiday card photo. She did, but in a rather offbeat fashion.

The mother of the family, Dina, staged the children and the dog next to the log for the holiday photographs.

Everything was OK until Pilot saw the photos and decided to do something about it.

The recording was stopped because numerous attempts to soothe the anxious dog had failed. According to reports, the pilot wasn’t a fan.

As a result, she was clearly visible in the vast majority of the shots.

After selecting their favorites, the photographs they thought would be most amusing were printed.

The family’s happy, active dog helped them create some bizarre, but funny, postcards that they can send to friends and relatives.

Regardless of the circumstances, our dogs will always be our closest companions and sources of the greatest happiness. What can I say, it’s quite cool.

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