It was offered to the old in return for the cat, but friends aren’t commodities to be traded

An very clever cat named Lyovka performed brilliantly when she was given a significant amount of orders.He was taught this by his master. In Mongolia, a cat was born, and it was the only one to survive.

Mother and solitary cub walked away from home, finally finding a place near the military installation.

Upon his return to Kallinigrad, Peter took care of the gorgeous cat and became so attached to him that he brought him back to his home town.

Every waking minute of their lives was spent together, as if they couldn’t be apart.

All of the people in the city were mesmerized by the antics that the former military man had shown the cat.

For the price of half a million rubles (plus a vehicle), many have offered to purchase this well-trained pet, but the retiree has simply rejected.

She is a friend and family member, not a commodity to be sold, he said. My heart ached as I read this tale, since friends are not commodities to be traded or sold, and their value is immeasurable.

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