It was just a matter of time until the dog in Lake Baikal mistook a seal pup for one of his own. As you can see, they seemed to have a terrific rapport

Lake Baikal seal discovered by a family of four on the beach. As Nick was being taken to the police station, Nick’s dog greeted him and immediately sprung into action to help.

Given how kind and caring he was to her, it’s safe to assume he thought she was a dog.

Nika, the pet seal, approached him and licked him for almost an hour, most likely thinking he was a puppy after being put near the baths.

Because to your support, the cute animal was able to see for the first time! Her husband’s approval allowed Natalie to breastfeed their child, which she did with ease.

Seals can only feed while they are submerged in water, thus a bath was employed. Nika was at her side the whole time. The gang dubbed its honored visitor Umka.

Nika started to caress him as soon as he emerged from the restroom on his own the following morning. Umka returned to Baikal with all their might. Nika continued her seal-licking practice, beaming with glee.

In the morning, he was taken back to the house and given more food before spending the night there. It was on Umka’s last day of vacation that he embarked on yet another maritime voyage.

They developed a scheme to divert Nika’s attention from their adoring visitor.

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