It was a lovely puppy that a lady rescued, only to discover that it wasn’t a dog at all

An Australian family found a stray puppy in their children’s playroom. Jane, the owner of the residence, took the dog with her since he was so sweet and weak.

Jane first mistook it for a dog or a little fox. Hook-like features were seen on the back of the creature’s mouth.

This pup was definitely taken by the falcon, who afterwards left it behind.

Jane brought the dog to the vet the next day. In little time at all, the expert determined that this was no ordinary small puppy and immediately contacted an Australian rescue facility.

A DNA test confirmed that the pup is a purebred wild dingo canine, according to the establishment’s personnel. Wendy, the puppy, was five months old when he met her.

This pet hotel is home to dingos, which is where Wendy was put. He may be tiny, but even though he’s friendly and gregarious, he gets along well with other people.

That purebred dingos may be found in Australia is attested to by Wendy. His future plans include participating in an insane reproduction program.

Dingos are, in fact, canines, but they are not pets in any way.

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