It took five years, but a dog’s owners were finally able to reconnect with him

When a dog called Biko was found wandering the streets of Jersey, a humane organization was formed to care for him.

The fact that he was in need of help was discovered. At least it came from an animal shelter in New Jersey, thank goodness!

However, his microchip was his greatest ally. After scanning it, you’ll never guess! that the Biko and his microchip had been gone for the last five years!

Biko was promptly reported to the building’s owners by the shelter’s personnel. They couldn’t contain their joy.

They were reunited with their pet immediately, and many years later, they were once again a family.

While he remained with a cardiologist at the shelter, his family accompanied him and made frequent visits.

These two may have never met had their caretakers failed to chip the dog. You should chip your pets after reading this story.

Free animal microchips and immunizations were given out by the New Jersey shelter after this event. The dog was fortunate to find the proper individuals who were able to help him.

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